Evolve or Repeat

These publications are an analyzation on the stories Invisible planets and Folding Beijing from Hao Jingfang. Telling each other stories leads to an accumulation of new memories. They are ongoing by the process of story telling. Relating this to the stories of Invisible Planets, new planets are created. That is how the Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin and the texts from Hao Jingfang are connected.

As you continue reading, you will experience the elimination process to change for the better. Invisible Planets builds to the core of the text while the eliminated words are building up. By sorting out and ordering the planets from the least to the most evolved, I came to a conclusion: merging is the most important act of evolving.

After the last and the most evolved planet, Folding Beijing follows. This story is displaying the opposite of merging. That is something I wanted to change. While reading you will experience a feeling of ‘unfolding’ Beijing, which brings the story back together and makes the book become a whole again.  

cover and sleeve

Invisible Planets

Folding Beijing