Originally Produced

This book is for those who struggle with the pressure of creating original work in a world where everything has already been done before. I was placed in this situation as well and therefore tried tackling this during my graduation. Originally Produced, will take you on a journey of my process in finding solutions to this discouraging situation.

The book bundles my case study towards the design possibilities of the typical Dutch fototaart. Why the fototaart you think? As it is my ultimate cliche object. Cliches are the pinnacle of the unoriginal and if I can prove you, that it’s even possible to create a few hundred design experiments using a cliche object, I might persuade you to give it a try as well. Prior to all approaches are methodologies written that you can apply to your own creative process. These methodologies are focused on helping you to outgrow the situation.

Originally Produced stimulates creative people to follow their intuition during their making process. The more personal you make it, the more original it eventually will be.