Identity Chardonnay

In close collaboration with filmmaker Nando Dullaart, illustrator Maxim de Gilder and animator Thomas de Gilder did we work on the identity, short animations and capsule collection for Notion's snowboard film Chardonnay. I was responsible for the identity and letter design.

Throughout the film, you'll follow four street snowboarders traveling across Europe. Along with the footage, short animated stories tell undocumented moments in an exaggerated and humorous way.

︎ See the full movie here.
Filmed and edited by Nando Dullaart

Interview booklet

My interview with Pieter van Vos, co-owner of creative firm 75B, transformed into a conversation as soon as we started. I learned a lot about the personality of my former internship 75B and Pieter himself. That’s why it earned to be archived into these colourful booklets, so I can read it again now and then.

Pretty Sweet

I was invited to participate at the exposition from BRF Enterprises. I made up the typeface ‘Labirin’ and combined this with an earlier made typeface ‘Verknipt’. I made five riso printed type specimen posters with the title ‘Pretty Sweet’. The smooth characters from Labirin are clashing with the hardness from Verknipt. Just like a relationship right?

Logo Studio Tomotion

This colorful and playful logo is made for Studio Tomotion, to fit the characteristics of the studio.

Susan Bijl x Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

Susan Bijl collaborated with Boijmans Van Beuningen to created a special edition bag for the opening of the new Depot.
Its logos and tags has been designed during my internship at creative firm 75B.

The bag got its own logo and special tags. We made the logos from the existing corporate identities to visualize the collaboration between the two brands. This is done by combining the recognizable elements, like the characteristic shape of the Depot joined with the flash of Susan Bijl. The iconic mirrors of the Depot and the reflecting bag material are brought back in the tags.

Photography by Jan Bijl