Spotlight exhibition, kunstuileen Rotterdam

My serie Lingo was on the wall of the kunstuileen Rotterdam Spotlight exhibition. 
These paintings were a way of playing with the functional borders of letter shapes. I tempt to read shapes, now I made shapes out of letters.
What do you see? Shapes or L I N G O?

acrylic paint, gloss polymer medium
360g paper
50 x 70 cm

Everpress T-shirt

Illustrator Maxim de Gilder and I collaborated in making this tee for the collaboration collection from Everpress. They asked to design something for the theme ‘connection’.

In this design we showed a nostalgic way of making contact. We created a storyline, in which the can-phone rings on the front of the shirt and where the phone is being answered on the back. This way, connection gets separate from the digital interpretation and takes you back to the fun moments how we made connection as kids.

Modelled by @lillynejat_⁠⁠
Photographed by @giftjrgwambe

Vinyl Rood op Rood

Actress and theater maker Doris Bagijn asked me to design the vinyl for her very first EP, Rood op Rood. The vinyl is included with an inner leaf with the song texts on it. 

Photography and edit by Dammes Kieft


Another SUSAN BIJL dream collaboration and this time with Bonne Suits! It was such an honor to work on this project, together with the 75B team during my internship.

This is where Amsterdam & Rotterdam meet! This is what’s being represented in these logos. Both parties melt into each other’s and form a collective identity for this collection.

Photography by Jan BijlMaarten van der Kamp

Photography by Jan Bijl

Photography by Maarten van der Kamp

Originally Produced

This book is for those who struggle with the pressure of creating original work in a world where everything has already been done before. I was placed in this situation as well and therefore tried tackling this during my graduation. Originally Produced, will take you on a journey of my process in finding solutions to this discouraging situation.

The book bundles my case study towards the design possibilities of the typical Dutch fototaart. Why the fototaart you think? As it is my ultimate cliche object. Cliches are the pinnacle of the unoriginal and if I can prove you, that it’s even possible to create a few hundred design experiments using a cliche object, I might persuade you to give it a try as well. Prior to all approaches are methodologies written that you can apply to your own creative process. These methodologies are focused on helping you to outgrow the situation.

Originally Produced stimulates creative people to follow their intuition during their making process. The more personal you make it, the more original it eventually will be.